Personal Updates and a positive attitude

Graduation semester, I would be proud of myself for finishing my Bachelors of Science degree, except that I feel like I should have crossed this off my life to do list years ago. In fact, getting my degree has only seemed to remind me of how far behind I perceive myself to be in some sort of life race.

Do you ever feel less proud of yourself for accomplishments because of how you compare yourselves to others? I do it all the time! Some would be shocked to hear this because they perceive me as a picture of health and wellness. I have friends who are often surprised that I experience the same emotions and negative self talk that they do. How could I be unhappy if I have the body they want? These friends of mine like to think that if they looked the way I do, then they will somehow achieve happiness.

I just want everyone reading to know that even if you achieve everything you want, you will still feel the same way if you don’t change your attitude. Changing your attitude is also not something you do once and can check it off the list of life skills mastered. You have to work at it constantly, like a healthy marriage, in order to experience the positive life that comes with a positive mindset. Yes, there are times where I feel down and unaccomplished. However, my strength lies in my ability to get up after falling. We all feel down, discouraged, burnt out, and worthless sometimes. Take it from me that these feelings will do you no good if you dwell on them.

Todays post is short. More of a check in and an update on the business. I did recently graduate, and with that has come a whole new bundle of stressors. I am keeping my chin up and will keep putting one foot in front of the other. I am still self employed but I am now also working as an independent contractor at the Utah Fitness Institute under Dr. Daniels doing personal training and a little group fitness. You might notice a little bit of a new look and feel with BTA over the next few weeks and months as I am working with a professional with my marketing and branding.

Keep on the lookout for more updates in the future! Please share with your friends and help me grow!

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