Vitamin B7

Have you ever heard about the feared biotin deficiency that comes from eating egg whites? Well B7, otherwise known as biotin is a necessary B vitamin found in the yolks of the eggs. I have a little personal theory that if something is made whole in nature, you should eat the whole edible part of that food for a reason. Egg whites are high in avidan, which sort of “turns off” the biotin. So if you only eat the whites, you can start running low on biotin after a while. I don’t just follow this rule with eggs, I like to use the skin of many fruits, eat the leaves off my strawberries, the apple core, drink my milk whole, and honey from the honeycomb. This is a really hot topic in nutrition, but my experience keeps pointing me in the direction of whole food in its more natural form provides the most health benefits.


Now this isn’t a rule you should follow all the time. There is a diet called the raw food diet that has spawned many raw/ vegan restaurants and a cult like following. This diet does not allow you to cook your food. Everything must be eaten raw! No sauteing your veggies, fish can only be sashimi, meat can only be dehydrated raw local meat, pretty much using heat in cooking is forbidden. Now many foods will be more healthful from this method. However, some foods are going to provide more nutrients AFTER cooked. Eggs for example have a higher bioavailable protein content after cooked. This has to do with protein folding and breaking hydrogen bonds with heat, a microscopic process, but very exciting if you want to do your own research!


Anyways, more about B7! Biotin is involved in the formation of several enzymes that help with gluconeogenesis, leucine metabolism, energy production, and the synthesis of fat. Plus the regular B job of DNA replication. Other than eggs, you can find biotin in the following foods;

  • nuts
  • peanuts
  • sweet potato
  • onions
  • mushrooms
  • real raw cacao
  • whole grains
  • tomatoe
  • beans
  • legumes
  • egg yolks
  • dairy
  • liver
  • fish
  • pork


Not getting enough biotin, from either eating too many egg whites, or not getting enough period, can result in dry skin, nausea, hair loss, conjunctivitis, and depression.



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