Sheep, Wolves, and….

I see quotes eluding to this all the time

“It’s lonely at the top”
“Wolves not sheep”
“Chose the lesser traveled path”
“The road to success is lonely”

STOP right there. If you think living a good life and having success makes you somehow better than others or isolates you, then you are not living a good OR successful life. If you reach “the top” and you are alone, are you really at the top? If everyone is a sheep and you think you are a wolf, well you are. A wolf is part of the problem. A wolf hunts the sheep. A wolf feeds on the sheep. The wolf is the enemy to the sheep. If the majority of our population is sheep, then you are the enemy to most of us.

Now I know everybody loves to think of themselves as special, different, and that the generalizations that “people are idiots” and “people are sheep” somehow doesn’t apply to them. However, I firmly believe that through our days and lives, that we get to be both. You can be a wolf-like person in some areas of your life, then be a sheep in others. I know people who are total followers of whatever trend they subscribe to, but they are wildly intelligent in other areas of life. You know them too, “How can someone so smart be so dumb?” I am a sheep every time I get in a line or take note of the flow of foot traffic. I am a sheep when it comes to fashion, as I have no sense of fashion on my own. I am not a sheep when it comes to exercise and diet. This is one thing I get to be strong in. A wolf? NO! So here is a third option, and not my original quote. I heard this from a good friend of mine years ago, and I believe it comes from the movie American Sniper.

“There are three kinds of people in this world, sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.”

The sheep are the innocents, the wolves are taking advantage, and the sheepdogs are protecting. I chose to be a sheepdog in what I do,

Now if you think of it this way, we all live with elements of all three of these. The patient in the doctor’s office is innocent and follows the doctor’s advice like a sheep. The doctor might be a wolf and will knowingly take advantage of this person. While another doctor, or malpractice lawyer, is a sheepdog and works hard to protect these people.

I might only be a lowly personal trainer and blogger, but I want to encourage everyone to take a mindset shift. Look around you, instead of thinking about the strangers on the bus like they are all sheep, think about them excelling at their professions, and hobbies. Everyone is amazing at something, and everyone can check out and be a sheep in other ways. (I thank the sheepdogs of the fashion industry for guiding me!) If you are working hard to master a craft and pursue success, try to bring others with you. Don’t think of yourself as a lone wolf in a world of moronic sheep. That makes you a wolf, and you will be lonely on your journey of success. A sheepdog herds and guides others along the path that they have the ability to see.

To reiterate, if you are good at something, bring up others to your level. Don’t use them, or take advantage of them. I joke about the sheepdogs of fashion, hair, and makeup… but without these women and men that I trust to guide me, I would be a sheep eaten alive by the wolves in the fast paced world of fashion. I work hard to guide people who trust me along the complex world of health and fitness.

Drop a comment and tell me how you are helping others out? How are you a sheepdog?


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