How To Successfully Start A New Program

You might have experienced things in life where you are really gung ho and motivated to start something initially.

Yet after a few days/ weeks/ months, the motivation fades and you return back to square one.This is because motivation and desire by themselves are not enough to keep us going. We need that final ingredient

preparation and planning

I have worked with enough people over the years to learn this. Heck, I have been this person! My schedule will literally be booked back to back with events, appointments, and to do items, only allowing myself 5 hours of sleep a night, yet somehow I think that I will have the mental capacity to add something else to my life.

So before you start anything new, you need to…

Clear the space

One of my favorite authors, Jan Johnson, wrote a book called “Abundant Simplicity”.  About learning how to enjoy quite space and being less busy. Truth be told, I still have the book on my extensive reading list after I attended a retreat of hers that was all based off the information in her book. (I guess I have ironically been too busy to read it)

One thing she said in this retreat was something along the lines of “Imagine a balloon, you can only keep putting so much air into the balloon before it explodes. People are the same way, we add to our schedules, our worries, our obligations, and then we wonder what happened when it all blows up.”

So whatever space you are coming from, you first need to create space for something new. I identify as a minimalist, so I go with the “one in, one out” rule for material items. If I buy new clothing, I donate older stuff that I no longer wear.

I want you to use that concept here. Maybe you need to spend the weekend clearing your space physically. Cleaning out your kitchen, throwing away all the food that you really know is not good for you. Throw away anything expired, and physically clean your kitchen so it is starting off as a pleasant fresh space to work in.

Maybe you need to start clearing the space mentally. What mental chatter and thoughts are taking up your precious minds time? What can you let go of? This can be as simple as dropping the expectations that have been weighing you down regarding obligations. Maybe you need to set aside an hour to journal and figure out with yourself how you can create space in your life.

The key here is to simplify before you add on more life drama. Otherwise, you are only going to be adding more

  • stress
  • work
  • commitment
  • decisions
  • and diverting your brain’s computing power

So clear the space. Create a physical and mental environment where you can be successful before you even start!

Look at your calendar

Some things you will need to clear the space for includes; time to read the material and watch the videos so you can learn about nutrition rather than just do what you are told, time to do the thought provoking homework assignments, time to meal plan, time to shop for groceries, time to cook (It takes less time than you think if you have never done it before).

This could be about 20-30 minutes a day to look at my emails, watch my educational video clips, do the homework, etc.

Each week you will need to dedicate several hours to cooking, shopping, and planning ahead. So really think about this. If you always eat fast food right now, you will feel the difference in your free time when you make the switch to grocery shopping.

It might feel like it takes more time at first, but I assure you that it becomes easier and it in fact takes less time to shop efficiently than it does to eat out for every meal. Just be aware of the change that is coming and arrive at a place where you will embrace the change instead of resisting it. After all, if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will remain where you are.

OPTIONAL 4 articles/ videos to get you in the right mindset this week

Here are are some articles and videos for you to check out daily from now till the start of the program to help get you in the right mindset.


Final thoughts

Here we go. Diving into something new. Change. Change can be scary! Acknowledge that, recognize and honor the uncomfortable feelings. Know that human beings enjoy homeostasis and in general, we really like to keep things as they are.

So be aware that you body and mind will be resistant to change. You mind will resist new ideas, your body might resist a new way of eating. Even if the new ideas are healthier and more agreeable for you, you might be caught up in old ways of thinking and doing. The new foods you eat might taste better and make you feel healthier, but your body will send cravings for the old ways of eating.

Not only does our body and mind resist change. Our family and friends will resist the changes we are making. Family members might bring you your old favorite foods and drink not knowing that you are trying to change. Society will not change and you will continue to see advertisements of people indulging in decadent comfort food. Do what you can to make this transition easier. Curate your social media to avoid trigger profiles and pages. If you follow models and food pages, take mental note of how these images and words make you feel.

Lastly. I am on your team. I am going to be with you every step of the way to help you through this journey. You are never alone!

4 thoughts on “How To Successfully Start A New Program”

  1. I really like how the articles said similar things, but with different presentation and emphasis. Even though I didn’t idenitfy with all of it, each one had something that clicked for me. Now I just gotta put a glass of water by my bed and plan my meal prep!

    • Thank you Cady! Yeah, I really like clearing the space before starting something new. We need to remember that in all our new endeavors.

  2. I love minimalism! I’m so on bored with this but wasn’t always. We’ve moved three times in one year (building home, living with family, then apartment before it was finally done) and a couple moves really help you realize how much crap you have and crap you don’t need. Getting rid of ‘stuff’ is liberating and I don’t remember 90% of what I threw out or donated. I’m game to keep this trend going! I’m closER but not there yet.

    • Tamara, thanks for your comment! Goodness that is a lot of moving!!!! I am sure you felt very liberated getting rid of so much stuff. We really don’t need as much as we think we do.

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