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27 Jun 2018

Let’s Call This Day 1

On Monday, April 2nd 2017 my (at the time) status of comfort blew up in my face. My goals never changed, but the deadline for my goals went from 4 years out, to 30 days out. By March 3rd, I had opened my own gym. It’s now June 27th as I write this, and I have lived through about 3 months of pure chaos in my life. I would be lying if I said I have been exercising and eating […]

23 Jun 2018

Open House

17 Jun 2018

HOW DIFFERENT DIETS STACK UP. part 4 clean eating

Clean Eating Clean eating is essentially eating more real food and less processed food. The major pro of clean eating is that you end up eating more veggies and whole foods. The major con is that you end up cooking less gourmet food and it can end up being a less enjoyable and therefore less sustainable method. Check out these expert interviews below to get more info on clean eating! Clean Eating Interviews Robyn Maher: IFBB Pro, model, and personal […]