Let’s Call This Day 1

On Monday, April 2nd 2017 my (at the time) status of comfort blew up in my face. My goals never changed, but the deadline for my goals went from 4 years out, to 30 days out. By March 3rd, I had opened my own gym. It’s now June 27th as I write this, and I have lived through about 3 months of pure chaos in my life. I would be lying if I said I have been exercising and eating the way I know I should have during this time, but sometimes life happens and we break down a little bit. (I want to give a special shout out to my boyfriend, my family, my friends, and my clients who helped me through this season)

I would do a little bit here and there, rarely able to find the energy to get a workout I wanted. I would start writing myself a program, and not follow it. So today I started something new, I set my goal to complete an “honest workout” No goal for sets, reps, even exercises or duration. My only requirement was to make myself proud and know I put some honest effort into my workout.

Sometimes your workouts are awesome, sometimes you eat everything you know you should and get enough sleep. Other times you are dragging all day, have no motivation, eat pizza all day, and don’t get enough sleep. Give yourself permission to be human, and instead of having this all or nothing mentality. Try to focus on just staying consistent. Don’t quit, just modify. Sometimes that means modifying your daily goals for the time being.

So today I completed my goal. For the first time in 3 months I let go of beating myself up for not training like I have in the past when preparing for a bodybuilding show, powerlifting meet, or strongman competition. Today I just trained to make myself proud, and I did.

So I am calling this day 1. My body isn’t where I want it, I have been stronger, I have been leaner, I have had bigger muscles… but I have also been weaker, smaller, and had more fat on me. So for me readers, be gentle with yourself, be willing to celebrate the tiny steps and victories. Each step you make towards your goal is a step in the right direction. Stay consistent and you will win!



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