Monthly Archives: July 2018

30 Jul 2018

Endurance In Strongman

This post was written by a strongman friend of mine that I met in Iceland while training at Jakaból, Nest of Giants. Jón Valgeir Williams is a two times World’s Strongest Man competitor and a great trainer according to Magnús Ver Magnússon, who introduced us. Jón is native to Iceland, and now currently lives in London. You can get more info about Jón by visiting Valgier’s Strength Trips www.strengthtrips.com/ and for those of you who who are a little dyslexic, that is TRIPS, as in vacations, […]

27 Jul 2018

5 Reasons You Will Quit

I hear the common excuses all the time for people dropping off from a fitness or nutrition program. People usually say they are busy, or need to save money. However, according to my yoga teaching, their are 5 common enemies of your success. Sloth Agitation Craving Aversion Doubt (In yourself, your teacher, or the system) I am going to break these down and help you identify where they are showing up in your life. Then help you see how you […]

16 Jul 2018

Welcome Lacie

I met Lacie in undergrad at the University of Utah. We were debating our nutrition professor about protein intake and bonded over our desire to seek truth and to always keep learning. Lacie is an incredibly talented woman who’s strength knows no limits. She has had injuries that would end most athletes careers, she has been dealt the worst of cards in certain situations, and she always keeps coming back to win. She is completing her MS in Strength and […]