Endurance In Strongman

This post was written by a strongman friend of mine that I met in Iceland while training at Jakaból, Nest of Giants. Jón Valgeir Williams is a two times World’s Strongest Man competitor and a great trainer according to Magnús Ver Magnússon, who introduced us. Jón is native to Iceland, and now currently lives in London. You can get more info about Jón by visiting Valgier’s Strength Trips www.strengthtrips.com/ and for those of you who who are a little dyslexic, that is TRIPS, as in vacations, not tips like information. Jón hosts incredible strength vacations to Iceland where you can learn strongman with some of the best in world, real living legends!

Photo taken by Jón of me in Iceland training with my strongman group.

Endurance plays a great role in strongman and being able to walk over 60-80 meters with an extremely heavy object on your back like the Super Yoke or on your sides like heavy Anvils (farmers walk). The weight is always going up in strongman today and as an result the distance is getting shorter, I haven’t seen extremely heavy farmers walk for distance as it’s usually for time for a certain distance. Sprints are very important factor of all strongman endurance and will benefit you in all of the events in strongman, it’s a way to activate your body’s nervous system so it works faster. Controlled speed is king is my motto. Event endurance training, using lighter weight and going longer distances will do the trick for you and gradually up the weight as weeks pass by. Gym endurance training, when you train the big compound exercises to gain strength you usually take your sweet time doing because it’s very taxing, if you are looking to up your performance, up the speed, less rest between sets and before you know it you gain strength along with endurance. Minute Endurance is the most important window in competition you should be able to push out your very best in that one minute window. Minute endurance is based on Strength, technique and bracing, The stronger you are means it’s easier to lift the weight, with technique it’s easier to move the weight and bracing correctly in the movements creates more momentum for good technique and stronger movements, more of that higher endurance you will have in form of perfection.

Jón lifting earth

Jón and Magnús in their youth

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