Monthly Archives: August 2018

28 Aug 2018

Chaos and Clarity

Life has a funny way of pushing you along your path… I have learned that you have to listen closely, and you have to be willing to be pushed along without resisting the inner flow. This requires a degree of humility and wisdom. There is a great art to our journey, to growing up, and growing old. 2018 has taught me the same lesson through a number of avenues–through grad school, bodybuilding, my business (Body Temple Aesthetics), and my own […]

28 Aug 2018

My Story Part 2- Discovery

I once saw a YouTube video that casually explained life and the human experience like a video game summary. The video describes infancy as the tutorial of life, and our life prior to high school graduation as an extended tutorial where we can develop our character. I like that description. It gives a gentleness and forgiveness to our early development years. Similar to a video game character tutorial, our early years are going to be full of mistakes and blunders […]

21 Aug 2018

Full Range of Motion vs. Optimal Range of Motion

The term “Full Range of Motion” (FRM) is often used in critiquing resistance training technique, but it is actually a misleading and misused term.  Partial range of motion (PRM)is often considered cheating, or just downright WRONG and FRM is “always right”! Range of Motion (ROM) varies from one person to the next anyway, so what IS FRM? I’ll just go ahead and say it – FRM in weight training is very rarely desirable.  What’s that you say?  I thought I […]