How to be a successful client

Getting started with a new coach can be both exhilarating and intimidating,

But before we get ahead of ourselves, your should make sure you picked the best coach for you. To make the process easier, we made this easy PDF guide that you can download HERE. Once you picked the absolute best coach for you, then you can start thinking about how to optimize that process.

Establish clear expectations and communication standards

During the process of hiring your coach and going through the initial consultation. You should establish clear expectations and communication standards. Every coach does it a little differently, some coaches will reach out to you weekly, others will expect you to email them weekly. Make sure you know what your coach needs from you! Next, you want to communicate what you need from them. I have had a lot of people say “Oh I don’t want to bug you”! Well it’s my job to assist you, so bug away! I usually tell my clients to shoot me an email if it’s a long question, text me if it’s a quick question that needs to be answered right away, or schedule a time to call me if it’s going to be more of a conversation. If your coach has unclear expectations, or is lacking in communication skills (Like following up) then take it as a red flag that they might not be the best trainer for you.

Shift your mindset

One of the next biggest factors in success of my clients, is that they have taken the time to “clear the space” before trying to establish all these new changes. I wrote a detailed article on this topic before. It can be very difficult to add new habits and lifestyle changes to your life if you have not created mental, emotional, physical space or even time for these new behaviors. If you are my client and ready to get started right away, (and have never worked out before) then I would take you through 2-4 weeks of what we call GPP (General Physical Preparation). If you have already been doing things, I would keep some of your habits the same, and maybe only change a few initially to get started.

I think everyone should take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to establish a shift in their mindset. If you don’t clear this space, then you will only be operating in your mode of “change” while in your weekly sessions. Let me give you an example;

Steve is a full time student who works part time as an editor. He hires his trainer so that he can become more fit and therefore more confident with his life. Him and his trainer establish a time frame and a plan for his goals. Steve is really excited to get started right away, so his trainer sends him over his program later that day. Steve sees his program in his inbox is really excited to get started, he looks over it briefly before heading home from class. He makes plans to go over it in detail when he gets home, but that never happens.

That night Steve gets home from work and proceeds with his normal routine of taking his dog outside, starting on dinner, and opening up the documents he is editing. By now, he has already set himself down the path of routine he has already established. He goes through his routine and forgets to go back to his email for his program. The next morning Steve in in a rush and hurries off to school where another busy day has started. His brain space is taken up and he forgets to eat lunch, let alone check his e mail.

Three days go by and his trainer gives him a call to see how his plan is going. Steve already paid for this plan and the timeline is ticking. Not to mention that the trainer created a well thought out plan designed around Steve’s goals, lifestyle, and time line. His trainer is disappointed to hear that Steve hasn’t started yet. Nonetheless, he makes a few small adjustments to the plan and sends it back to Steve.

Steve falls into the same pattern as before, since he is so busy, he forgets to look at the plan. The next day he remembers, and runs off to the gym to get in something so he doesn’t have to tell his coach he forgot again. Steve is under prepared, forgets to eat a meal like his coach told him to, and ends up not feeling well during the workout. This starts him off with a negative cycle with the gym. It starts to feel like a chore and a stress to Steve because it is getting in the way of his normal routine. He is embarrassed, but doesn’t even know why. The next time his coach checks in, Steve tells his coach that he is too busy and can’t continue the program.

So to avoid falling into the same pattern that Steve did. Make sure that you

  • Have scheduled enough time needed for your new goals
  • Plan ahead and make sure you have room in your schedule for inevitable emergencies that come up
  • Set reminders if needed, most smartphones can remind you about everything these days
  • Make sure you have the brain space to follow through, by brain space I mean you have taken care of major obligations or at least have a plan to deal with them. Again, read my earlier article about starting a successful new program.

Working Clients

Once you are working with your trainer, it is wise to establish a habit of checking in daily. Even if it is just a quick hello, a question, or photo of your healthy cooking. With Body Temple Aesthetics, we have an online client portal that makes this process easy! We give our clients daily homework to do and you can leave a comment at the end of every workout. Without communication, it becomes very hard for your coach to assess your progress. The weekly check in is a chance for detailed overview of your programs progress. The daily check in is to keep you from getting off track in between weekly check ins. Plus it’s funner for us to build a friendship with our clients! We love hearing from you!

Another HUGE factor in your success, will be to ask a lot of questions! Seriously, our most successful clients are not passive participants with their program. Instead they are very much involved in the creation process as collaborators with their own program. Ask us why we are having you do this movement vs that movement, ask us why the form is this way or that. Yes you can see results just by doing it, but our long term goal is to get you to understand why you are doing it!

Other Key factors

The last important factors I am going to leave you with is this. Most of the things you will learn working with a trainer won’t be totally earth shattering advice. The biggest thing that separates the successful ones from those who just keep spinning their wheels, is the application of it all. Your trainer can give you all the advice in the world, but if you only do it 40% of the time, you will see results that match your effort.

There is a tricky sticky point where you feel like you are working really hard, but you are not seeing results. This can happen when people are good 5 out of 7 days a week. They do just enough to feel like they are working hard, but then sabotage just enough to not see progress. This is where tracking, honesty, and reflection all come in really useful. A good coach will help you do all this. With all our clients, we keep track of many factor for them. We know if you are great Monday-Friday, but being naughty on the weekends. We will teach you how to live a balanced lifestyle that gives you long term success without extreme ups and downs.

If you are interested in learning more, you can apply to work with us today and a coach will schedule a free consultation with you within 1 business day. If you are interested in that, please click HERE to apply to work with us.

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