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Hillary is one of those people who connects with the people around her on a deep level, and improves the energy of any group she is in. I (Heidi) met her years ago at a powerlifting meet. She was there supporting the other athletes, and had a booth with her side business (Soap making). We bonded over talking about soap, and she freely gave me some great tips for improving my own soap making skills. Over the years, I have gotten to know her as someone who is deeply compassionate and committed to service. She is a major asset to the #BTAfam because she fits perfectly with our #FeelGoodFirst motto. Hill has always encouraged her clients to put their health first before performance or weight loss.

She has been a competitive athlete for years, but has remained humble the whole time. Her passion is obvious to anyone who meets her, and she works fearlessly to seek answers for a better quality of life for herself and her clients. We know at the end of the day, it is less about the way your body looks and performs, and it’s more about the way you feel in your body. If you are interested in working with Hillary, you can either

Hillary will be also writing on the blog so stay tuned for some wisdom! Without further adieu, here’s Hill

My career as a strength and conditioning coach stems from a pursuit of my own optimal health and pain-free movement.  While living in the woods of Northern Maine, I discovered how difficult it was to perform daily functions without a base of fitness and proper lifting mechanics.  My husband and I taught ourselves Powerlifting with a set of dumbbells and from that point on lifting grew into a passionate endeavor.

Since entering the coaching field, I have focused mainly on helping women develop self-empowerment and mental strength through the process of gaining physical strength.  I love watching how individuals first approach a heavy barbell.  Are they timid and nervous or are they fierce and aggressive?  Over months of working with a person, this often changes and their approach of the barbell begins to mirror their approach to their own life.

As a coach, I place an emphasis on proper technique along with mobility to make sure you not only get strong, but also maintain good range of motion and flexibility.  My concern is helping you find longevity in your exercise so that you can continue being active for the rest of your life.

My approach to nutrition focuses on educating you about how to structure your meals to fuel you for an active lifestyle and to help you develop a lean and strong physique.  We will practice holistic nutrition methods like listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues, shortened eating windows and building balanced meals.  We will also look at improving lifestyle habits like sleep quality, stress reduction and a positive mindset which will help build the bigger picture of your healthy life.

I am excited to help you feel good and become your best self.

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