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Earlier this year, BTA opened it’s own studio gym, and took on the expansion of adding new trainers. Of all the people who came in asking for a space, Josh stood out because of his background in sports and his passion for putting health first. Josh understands that you can’t have performance without basic health first. He has experience working with youth athletes helping them develop for life.

Here is Josh’s bio!

My name is Josh Nelson, I am a personal trainer, holistic lifestyle coach and nutritionist. From a very young age I knew I wanted to help people in some capacity. As an athlete my favorite part of participating was teaching and coaching others. After dropping out of high school as a 17 year old, I traveled to different places, including Indonesia, Mexico and Hawaii and with a clear head and enough time to myself eventually made my way back to my childhood dream of helping regular people and young athletes live more meaningful lives.

I believe that looking great is certainly a meaningful goal, but feeling great is an essential part of living and breathing everyday, and there is a way to balance both! Ultimately, as a coach my goal is to help you find and achieve YOUR bigger “why”, your dream.

Besides learning, coaching and studying, I still enjoy pushing myself through sports and trying new things, such as rock climbing and boxing. I also love the great outdoors, anything that gets me on the ground. Depending on the day I’m just as likely to meditate under the sun as I am to play tackle football, read one of my favorite authors, or play a little fetch with my beautiful pup, Bella.

I’ve spent the majority of the last decade of my life figuring out how to do this the right way, making mistakes along the way but ultimately bringing myself back to my mission in life, which is to expand consciousness and help people perform, play and live better.

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