Fitness is always important and can benefit your physical and mental health. However, as you age it becomes even more important to prioritize working out regularly. Instead of slowing down, here are the reasons you should keep moving when it comes to fitness.

Changes in Biology

Changes in biology can create difficulties as you age. Metabolism and hormones swing out of balance, and your tissues and cells may not regenerate as they did before. While these changes are expected as you age, they can bring on disease and affect your energy levels.

There is research that shows working out can actually lessen the biological effects of aging. It can help slow down memory loss and keep your body going. In fact, some researchers think that our bodies age because of disuse instead of simply getting older. It’s reasonable to see working out as a way to actually fight the aging process.

Change in Lifestyle

Your lifestyle may become more sedentary as you age, and that means you need to make an intentional effort to stay active. Retirement and less active hobbies can lead you to sit more than you move, and this leads to health problems.

Laying still in bed or sitting on the couch for long periods of time is one of the major causes of bedsores. Knowing that you have a standing appointment to train will help motivate you to get up and get moving. Fortunately, once you start exercising, it’s easier to keep going because of the feel-good endorphins it produces. You keep your mind and body active, and you start to enjoy workouts that you might have once seen only as obligations.

Maintaining Independence

You may fear to become less independent as you age. It often becomes necessary for people to give up living alone or to stop pursuing certain hobbies as they get older. However, exercise may help slow down this process.

Exercise can help you with flexibility and balance, and that’s good news for anyone who worries about falling while living alone. Since exercise can also help with mental acuity, you won’t be as likely to need help with everyday tasks. You can also still pursue hobbies that might be a bit more detailed or difficult without as much frustration. Exercising just might keep you independent longer.

Having a personal trainer or fitness coach can help better motivate you in your journey to get fit. Meet our coaches here!