The mission of Body Temple Athletics is to empower everyone to elevate their quality of life by improving their overall health and physical performance. We vow to stay away from dogmatic coaching as well as fitness fads. All programs are made through collaboration between the coach, who is an expert in the science. Along with the individual athlete, who is developing mastery of their own body. We work with our athletes to build healthy habits. As well as helping them improve their self efficacy, so that they can achieve lifelong results.

Our Story:

Body Temple Athletics (BTA) was started when Heidi Campo (owner) realized the power of camaraderie coupled with the discipline of strength training. Heidi discovered something very special within her while pursuing the sport of powerlifting.
Heidi utilizes her extensive education to bring strength & conditioning to “everyday athletes.” Everyday athletes are focused on taking care of their bodies long-term; they understand that this doesn’t include fad diets, or random workout plans, no matter how well intended. Our coaching staff now consists of four highly educated and qualified coaches. BTA tailors its programs to enhance strength, endurance, and balance, without toiling for hours in the gym. The purpose of “fitness,” is to feel good inside your body, while keeping all systems running smoothly. We help our clients achieve fitness for everyday life, as well as pursuit of recreational hobbies. From marathon runners to avid gardeners, BTA provides functional training for long-term success.
Many fitness centers focus on large group classes paired with an emphasis on weight loss. This can lead to members feeling disconnected from their progress, or “lost in the crowd.” At BTA, we take the scale out of the dialogue. We build relationships with our own bodies, and with each other, through targeted strength training and team building.

“Building Athletes For Life”

Your personal fitness routine should exist to open doors and allow you to have a deeper enjoyment of life. Too often we see it get warped the other way around, people allow their lives to exist for fitness. At BTA, we say we are “Building athletes for life”, because a better life should be the number one priority.
We offer both personal training and lifting team training. Personal training consists of working with a coach one on one at the frequency of your choosing. Our personalized programs are incredibly customized to you. Our philosophy is that you are the expert of your own body, and we are the experts of the science. So together we collaborate to come up with the perfect solution for you.
Our lifting teams train together three times a week, guided by a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Our instructors have a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, so clients of all skill levels feel confident, and stay safe. This unique team mindset, coupled with mindful workouts, is responsible for our high retention rates. At BTA, athletes often comment on the level of support they receive. Aside from functional fitness, BTA provides a sanctuary. All genders are welcome, but it so happens that the majority of clientele are female. We are committed to providing a safe place for athletes to push limits, and take risks. Our small teams develop strong relationships, fostering an environment of empowerment for all.