Beginner Calisthenics

This class will focus on building a strong foundation through prehab and mobility exercises so that more advanced exercises like pull ups can be accomplished safely. It will start with a 10-15 minute full body dynamic warmup then go straight into a conditioning circuit. Every exercise can be modified to suit your fitness level, everybody is welcome!

Class is held every Wednesday at 6:30 PM. To attend RSVP to or through social media @saltlakestreetworkout

Beginner Calisthenics

Chris Crofts

A fitness enthusiast who specializes in calisthenics. He is certified through NASM, and believes that building strength and mobility through fundamental exercises will ensure proper execution of advanced exercises. Chris created the only calisthenics group in Utah (Salt Lake Street Workout) in 2014 and has helped the community grow since then. In addition to working out Chris enjoys golf, longboarding, playing guitar, and working on his cars.

Nicole Crofts

A certified NASM CPT with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Health Communications. She believes that functional training for stability muscles and compound bodyweight exercises combined with free weight accessory movements help mold a well rounded, healthy athlete. Fitness is a way to express inner strength outwardly. Fitness doesn’t fit one mold, and Nicole excels at helping clients find their niche to create the best version of themselves. Nicole exercises her beliefs through her hobbies which include horseback riding, hiking, playing with her dog, climbing, and yoga.