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November 2018

Welcome Josh

Earlier this year, BTA opened it’s own studio gym,...
6th Nov 18
October 2018

Welcome Coach Hill

Hillary is one of those people who connects with...
30th Oct 18

Should you train to failure?

Keep going! The lead coach screamed as the participants...
23rd Oct 18

How to be a successful client

Getting started with a new coach can be both...
17th Oct 18

Health vs Fitness

I think a horrible thing is happening in social...
3rd Oct 18


Strange Technique? I see strange things all the time...
2nd Oct 18
September 2018

The Paradigm Shift of Habits

Last winter I met with a friend of mine...
21st Sep 18

The New Food Pyramid

Calorie breakdown The first most important component of your...
18th Sep 18

Do Your Exercises Make Your Arthritis Better or Worse?

Do Your Exercises Help or Hurt Your Arthritis? This...
12th Sep 18

“But I Eat Healthy?”

Here’s the thing, every single day there are millions...
4th Sep 18
August 2018

Chaos and Clarity

Life has a funny way of pushing you along...
28th Aug 18

My Story Part 2- Discovery

I once saw a YouTube video that casually explained...
28th Aug 18

Full Range of Motion vs. Optimal Range of Motion

The term “Full Range of Motion” (FRM) is often...
21st Aug 18

Protocols for Warming Up

Protocols for warming up *Safety note, never forcefully stretch...
13th Aug 18

Freezing- How We Create Our Own Reality

In 2009 I moved from the mountains of Salt...
7th Aug 18
July 2018

Endurance In Strongman

This post was written by a strongman friend of...
30th Jul 18

5 Reasons You Will Quit

I hear the common excuses all the time for...
27th Jul 18

Welcome Lacie

I met Lacie in undergrad at the University of...
16th Jul 18

Bethany’s Story

Eating disorders are an evil disease. I don’t think...
16th Jul 18
June 2018

Let’s Call This Day 1

On Monday, April 2nd 2017 my (at the time)...
27th Jun 18

HOW DIFFERENT DIETS STACK UP. part 4 clean eating

Clean Eating Clean eating is essentially eating more real...
17th Jun 18
April 2018

How To Successfully Start A New Program

You might have experienced things in life where you...
24th Apr 18


I think I did these interviews a good two...
20th Apr 18

How To Spot A Bad Trainer

This post should have been written a long time...
10th Apr 18

Fit Con 2018 Recap

Time has a funny way of revealing all truth....
8th Apr 18
March 2018


I hesitated writing this post for about 5 minutes....
20th Mar 18
February 2018

Goodbye Social Media. Hello,

Recently I went on somewhat of a sabbatical from...
22nd Feb 18
October 2017

Sheep, Wolves, and….

I see quotes eluding to this all the time...
12th Oct 17
July 2017

Budget Challenge

So a few weeks ago I inquired on my...
8th Jul 17

Moving On

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of...
6th Jul 17

Vitamin B9

This one is important for soon to be or...
5th Jul 17

Vitamin B7

Have you ever heard about the feared biotin deficiency...
5th Jul 17

Vitamin B6

This is one of those vitamins that their is...
5th Jul 17

Vitamin B5

So by now you should be getting a fairly...
5th Jul 17

Vitamin B3

Not that I am totally against eating a diet...
5th Jul 17

Vitamin B2

This little guy is a quite useful member of...
5th Jul 17

Vitamin B1

All of the B vitamins are considered to be...
5th Jul 17

Vitamin A

The word vitamin is based on the latin root...
4th Jul 17

Vitamin Series

Vitamins, what are they exactly? What foods can we...
4th Jul 17
May 2017

Personal Updates and a positive attitude

Graduation semester, I would be proud of myself for...
15th May 17
January 2017

Nutrition While Traveling

I am writing this for you and anyone who...
4th Jan 17
November 2016

Thankful for my crazy life

It’s 4:15 am and the first chime of my...
29th Nov 16
October 2016


Wow, where to start. I think veganism is one...
9th Oct 16
September 2016

What my dog taught me about the health industry

I adopted my dog Simba from the shelter earlier...
15th Sep 16

How Different Diets Stack Up. Part 1- Keto

The majority of people want to know the most efficient...
9th Sep 16
August 2016

My Story Part 1- The Early Years

Are you someone who looks at others and wishes...
15th Aug 16

Welcome New Readers

Welcome to the Body Temple Aesthetics Blog. The goal...
15th Aug 16