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“But I Eat Healthy?”

Here’s the thing, every single day there are millions...
4th Sep 18

Chaos and Clarity

Life has a funny way of pushing you along...
28th Aug 18

My Story Part 2- Discovery

I once saw a YouTube video that casually explained...
28th Aug 18

Full Range of Motion vs. Optimal Range of Motion

The term “Full Range of Motion” (FRM) is often...
21st Aug 18

Protocols for Warming Up

Protocols for warming up *Safety note, never forcefully stretch...
13th Aug 18

Freezing- How We Create Our Own Reality

In 2009 I moved from the mountains of Salt...
7th Aug 18

Endurance In Strongman

This post was written by a strongman friend of...
30th Jul 18

5 Reasons You Will Quit

I hear the common excuses all the time for...
27th Jul 18

Welcome Lacie

I met Lacie in undergrad at the University of...
16th Jul 18