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23 Oct 2018

Should you train to failure?

Keep going! The lead coach screamed as the participants around him struggled to get in another rep, then another. Some had given up, and walked away from the workout in shame. This is the scene of many popular bootcamp style workouts. Made even more popular by “The Biggest Loser” television show that highlighted Jillian Michales, media sensationalized trainer, screaming at her team to keep going and not quit. Training to failure has become more popular with heavily shared quotes like […]

02 Oct 2018


Strange Technique? I see strange things all the time at the gym, but generally don’t butt in unless asked or if I see something just plain dangerous occurring. But there certainly are some horrid techniques being utilized. Of course, there are a variety of ways to do MOST things (side laterals, elbows straight or bent, pinkies up or down, elbows/hands going above shoulder level or not, etc.). And everyone has an opinion, and some even a REASON for doing it […]

12 Sep 2018

Do Your Exercises Make Your Arthritis Better or Worse?

Do Your Exercises Help or Hurt Your Arthritis? This article was copied with permission from Ryan Carver, owner of Leverage Fitness Solutions. To read see the original website, click HERE. It seems that part of aging is getting aches and pains for putting so many loving miles and motions on our bodies. Arthritis is a common ailment as we age. While common, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less. You’ve probably experienced such a flare up of arthritis and […]