Category : Flexibility

21 Aug 2018

Full Range of Motion vs. Optimal Range of Motion

The term “Full Range of Motion” (FRM) is often used in critiquing resistance training technique, but it is actually a misleading and misused term.  Partial range of motion (PRM)is often considered cheating, or just downright WRONG and FRM is “always right”! Range of Motion (ROM) varies from one person to the next anyway, so what IS FRM? I’ll just go ahead and say it – FRM in weight training is very rarely desirable.  What’s that you say?  I thought I […]

13 Aug 2018

Protocols for Warming Up

Protocols for warming up *Safety note, never forcefully stretch a cold muscle. This can cause serious injury. Purpose of the warm up: The purpose of the warm up is to safely prepare the body for exercise and reduce injury. Not to mention getting you mentally prepared to put in the work. The warm up will always be dependent on the environment and the planned workout. The colder the outside or core body temperature, the more time you should plan to […]