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30 Jul 2018

Endurance In Strongman

This post was written by a strongman friend of mine that I met in Iceland while training at Jakaból, Nest of Giants. Jón Valgeir Williams is a two times World’s Strongest Man competitor and a great trainer according to Magnús Ver Magnússon, who introduced us. Jón is native to Iceland, and now currently lives in London. You can get more info about Jón by visiting Valgier’s Strength Trips www.strengthtrips.com/ and for those of you who who are a little dyslexic, that is TRIPS, as in vacations, […]

08 Apr 2018

Fit Con 2018 Recap

Time has a funny way of revealing all truth. Some things may glitter and appear pleasing to consume, but in time and surplus, you soon realize they are poisonous and not what they first appeared to be. In this way time is our ally. We are vulnerable to get caught up in fallacy until time reveals the truth to us, and the fitness industry is full of fallacies. The first fitness expo I attended was the Olympia expo in Las Vegas […]

06 Jul 2017

Moving On

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a coaches conference with some of the strength and conditioning coaches who work for the Utah Jazz. As part of Mark McKnown‘s presentation, we watched film of Gordon Hayward from when he started with the Jazz, to his more recent highlights and accomplishments. The audience all beamed at the wonderful success of elite coaches ability to make a good player so much better. What a shining example of what a […]