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07 Aug 2018

Freezing- How We Create Our Own Reality

In 2009 I moved from the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah to the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. It was Christmas week when we pulled up to our new home with the moving truck behind us. It was a sunny 70 degree day, and we were all sporting tank tops and flip flops since we had just come from the snow. The curious neighbors came out of their homes one at a time to see who these odd new people […]

20 Mar 2018


I hesitated writing this post for about 5 minutes. I hesitated because I want to speak words of positivity and be a light in the world. I decided to write this anyway because I am a yoga teacher, and not all the lessons we will learn in life will be happy. Not all news received will be good. Rather than pull a blanket over my head, and let my students potentially be led astray, I am going to share my […]