Category : Psychology

03 Oct 2018

Health vs Fitness

I think a horrible thing is happening in social media. We are getting extreme levels of fitness confused with health. I wanted to write this post to clear up this confusion. Health vs fitness, how they are the same thing, how they are different, and the grey area in between. This post is aimed at helping you better understand the difference between these two, so that you can set better goals for you and your lifestyle. Let’s start with health. […]

24 Apr 2018

How To Successfully Start A New Program

You might have experienced things in life where you are really gung ho and motivated to start something initially. Yet after a few days/ weeks/ months, the motivation fades and you return back to square one.This is because motivation and desire by themselves are not enough to keep us going. We need that final ingredient preparation and planning I have worked with enough people over the years to learn this. Heck, I have been this person! My schedule will literally […]

22 Feb 2018

Goodbye Social Media. Hello,

Recently I went on somewhat of a sabbatical from all forms of social media. From December 4th 2017- February 22nd 2018. It began as a way for me to reduce the noise of the world, and to quiet my thoughts. My goal was to minimize distraction so I could foster a little more clarity and peace in my life. I was at a point where I knew I was feeling “unwell”, but I didn’t even know where to start. So […]