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04 Sep 2018

“But I Eat Healthy?”

Here’s the thing, every single day there are millions of well meaning people who are struggling to achieve their goals. When there is so much free and easily accessible information on diet, exercise, and life… Why is weight loss, or muscle gain so elusive for some? I think the best way to paint this picture is with an example. I am going to tell you the story of a real client of mine from a few years ago. To protect […]

08 Jul 2017

Budget Challenge

So a few weeks ago I inquired on my facebook page if people would be interested in seeing how I could food prep on a $30 a week budget. Similar to the food stamp challenge where you only get to spend an average of $1-$1.25 a meal for 3 meals a day 7 days a week. I got a great response and have been eager to try it. However, I have encountered a few personal motivation barriers that have kept […]

04 Jan 2017

Nutrition While Traveling

I am writing this for you and anyone who want’s to learn how to stay on track while traveling, or get ideas on how to do it better. I have traveled during show prep, road tripped while cutting for powerlifting, and even  spent a month in Iceland (Iceland is notorious for having expensive food). The key to staying on track for me, is to make sure I don’t feel left out or deprived. The moment I start feeling like my […]