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12 Sep 2018

Do Your Exercises Make Your Arthritis Better or Worse?

Do Your Exercises Help or Hurt Your Arthritis? This article was copied with permission from Ryan Carver, owner of Leverage Fitness Solutions. To read see the original website, click HERE. It seems that part of aging is getting aches and pains for putting so many loving miles and motions on our bodies. Arthritis is a common ailment as we age. While common, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less. You’ve probably experienced such a flare up of arthritis and […]

16 Jul 2018

Welcome Lacie

I met Lacie in undergrad at the University of Utah. We were debating our nutrition professor about protein intake and bonded over our desire to seek truth and to always keep learning. Lacie is an incredibly talented woman who’s strength knows no limits. She has had injuries that would end most athletes careers, she has been dealt the worst of cards in certain situations, and she always keeps coming back to win. She is completing her MS in Strength and […]

23 Jun 2018

Open House