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Sarah Taylor
Personal Trainer

B.S., NASM certified personal trainer
Social: @saytay15

Heidi Campo
Strength and Conditioning Specialist

B.S., NSCA, CSCS, CPT, & Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Social: @muscleyogi

These coaches are booked or only teach classes

Frank Young
Group Training Coach

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Social: @warriorstrength6

Rebecca Wyatt
Strongman Coach

B.S. exercise science ISSA CPT, Exercise Therapy Specialist
Social: @damnit_riot
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Nicole Crofts
Group Training Sub

NASM certified personal trainer
Social: @nycoleann627
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Talk to us about training your clients at BTA! Our gym is private for trainers and clients only. We have a low flat monthly rental fee that makes it easier for you to make a living doing what you love!
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Other faces you might see around!


Chris is our handyman and is the father of the atlas stones. He can usually be seen around the gym working on projects or getting a lift in. He is always available for a spot and will offer you tips if you ask him.


Owner of the dojo


Co owner of the dojo