Frequently Asked Questions

Our personal training sessions are $75 for a 55 minute session and our classes and lifting teams start at $150/ month.

The first step is to apply to our program. The application is meant to give us information to make the most of our free consultation with you. 

Next, one of our coaches will reach out to you to schedule a consultation. Consultations are complimentary and a chance to get to know you and help you decide the best route to take with your program. Please ask questions!

After our consultation, we will have you fill out our waiver, client trainer contract, new client intake forms, and get you set up in our training system. Then we can get started on your training right away!

Yes! All our clients receive nutrition coaching and daily workout assignments via access to your online client portal. These are all included at no extra cost. Personal training clients are given workouts to do every day of the week, to compliment the in person training sessions. All clients get the option of daily communication with their coach.

Yes, our nutrition coaching is based on macro nutrient coaching that can include RECOMMENDATIONS on foods and supplements. As a certified nutritionist, we can provide you with guidance, but not SPECIFIC meal plans.

If you want a specific meal plan you can purchase one of our plans created by a Registered Dietitian. Any nutritionist that claims that they can give specific meal plans, especially medical nutritional therapy, is acting outside of their scope of practice.

We specialize in the athlete who is wanting to enhance their physical fitness to improve their recreational sport performance. We can improve your fitness so you can get more out of hiking, biking, skiing, water sports, team sports, obstacle courses, endurance events, strength spots, and combat sports.

While we don’t specialize in fat loss or body transformation, we still get a lot of people coming to us who are looking to lose weight and tone up. This goal will still be achieved through focusing on performance rather than the scale. We encourage balance and discourage obsessive behaviors.

We want our clients to set wholistic and realistic goals that will enhance their lives. This means moving away from externally motivated goals like looking better or being stronger. We want our clients to focus on internal goals like feeling better and having more energy.

We believe that everyone has their own ideal life and lifestyle they can achieve. Which is why we strive to make sure everyone’s experience is completely custom to their needs.

We believe that everyone deserves to live there best life, and we strive every day to help our clients achieve that.

No discounts are offered at this time

Yes. Our meal plans is a one time cost of $75 and you get EVERYTHING you need with that. If you want month to month coaching, please send us an email.