Plans and Pricing

All of our training programs are all inclusive! Everything we offer for you to be successful, is included with the price listed. We do this for transparency and simplicity for all of our clients. Personal training clients who come in at least once a week, also get nutrition coaching as well as workout homework for the rest of the week! Remote coaching clients get weekly phone or video call check ins, as well as the option for daily contact. See below for further details.

  • Personal Training

  • $7500
  • nutrition coaching included
  • daily workout assignments
  • goal coaching
  • completely custom program
  • 55 min. Private session
  • Add a friend for $15 more
  • In home sessions available
  • most popular!
  • Remote Coaching

  • $14900
  • nutrition coaching included
  • daily workout assignments
  • goal coaching
  • completely custom program
  • weekly phone or video call
  • Video database of exercises
  • Video Analysis of Form
  • personal training
  • Maintenance Plan

  • $49
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Workout plan
  • goal coaching
  • access to client portal
  • custom goal coaching
  • Weekly phone or video call
  • most affordable
  • no in person check ins
  • no custom plan

Personal Training

Personal training sessions take place at our private studio in Millcreek, UT, and are approximately 55 minutes long. While you are here, you can enjoy the comfort and privacy of being in a personal training studio. Each session is planned for you and completely customized to your individual goals. We will keep you on track using the most up to date methods in exercise science. All the while making your session an experience to look forward to every time you come!

Not only will you get hands on focused attention while you train with us at the studio, but your session also includes exercises and homework to do the rest of the week. This is all delivered daily or weekly (depending on your preference) to you email inbox. We do this to help keep you on track, and to insure that you get the best experience possible.

While training with us you can enjoy the added benefit of nutrition coaching for no extra cost! A certified fitness nutrition specialist will personally create for you either a Registered Dietitian approved meal plan and menu to follow along with, or give you the flexible guidance of macro nutrient coaching. We will work in collaboration with you to find out what is best for you in both the short term and long term.

Lastly, you will be coached on your goals to create habits and ultimatly lifestyle change. We developed a proprietary method that has been proven to help increase adherence to a program. With all these tools in place, this is your one stop shop to create permanent change that will improve your quality of life!

Remote Coaching

Our remote coaching clients get to take advantage of everything our personal training clients do, but you can take advantage of this offer from anywhere in the world! Enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home, a hotel as  you travel, or on a tropical beach. Our remote coaching is completely customized to your goals and circumstances. So even if you don't have access to a gym, we can still guide you through an incredible workout!

Our remote sessions include a video database of each and every exercise given to you, so you won't be left questioning what it is we are asking you to do. You also have the option to upload a video of you doing your exercise for us to evaluate your form and technique. This is all delivered daily or weekly (depending on your preference) to you email inbox. We do this to help keep you on track, and to insure that you get the best experience possible.

All of our clients get to take care of the remote client dashboard. Which track weight, anthropocentric measurements, benchmarks, etc. Our system will chart your progress over the months and years for you to be able to look back on and see how far you have come!

You will also enjoy the same benefits as our personal training clients get as far as nutrition coaching. We can work with you to build you a macro nutrient plan, Registered Dietitian approved meal plans, or even simple nutritional guidance. This goes hand in hand with our proprietary goal coaching. A proven system that helps you develop skills to be successful for a lifetime!


This program is for those who have already been working with us for a while and are ready to take the reins of  health into their own hands. This program is simply a continuation of our proprietary system of habit tracking and SMART goal coaching. We will keep you in our system, so you still have access to your client portal. This means you still have access to all your anthropomorphic records, benchmarks, and past exercises. We will also still use the system to long progress with your weight and strength.

You still get the weekly phone or video call to check in. You also have us on text/ email retainer for any of those "quick questions" that come up during the week. What you no longer get with the maintenance package, is the personalized workouts and nutrition coaching. If at any time, you start to slip, we will catch it right away and help you correct course.

This plan is great for the individuals who are looking to save some money, but want to keep the benefit of accountability and motivation that comes with having a coach. This system is not a great place for people just looking to start training. Because we have no in the beginning where you are at and what your unique needs are. For this reason, we ask you to complete at least 3 months of personal training or remote coaching with us before considering the maintenance package. If you are confident that all you need is a little guidance, we can talk about skipping the training and coaching, and have you jump right into maintenance with us.