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15 Aug 2016

My Story Part 1- The Early Years

Are you someone who looks at others and wishes you could have some small part of their life? Do you come up with excuses as to why they possess that particular trait or lifestyle and you don’t? We often time think that the others are born with better genetics, have more money, aren’t as busy, are cheating, or are simply fake in the lives and bodies they present on social media. Some people surly are liars and cheats. With things […]

15 Aug 2016

Welcome New Readers

Welcome to the Body Temple Aesthetics Blog. The goal with this blog is to create a place where you can trust the content to be informative, accurate, reliable, entertaining, and insightful. To give you a brief intro, won’t promise that this blog will cover all aspects and realms of fitness. Being that the topic is so broad, it would take thousands of volumes of textbooks to cover it all. However, I can promise that will cover the basics, as well […]