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20 Apr 2018


I think I did these interviews a good two years ago. Life has been crazy, but not that crazy. I have been wanting to get more into blogging, but keep finding excuses. I keep telling myself I am not a good enough author, or that I am wasting my time, no one cares about what I have to say. Well I am going to give those excuses up. I just want to start writing! I love writing, and if you […]

09 Sep 2016

How Different Diets Stack Up. Part 1- Keto

The majority of¬†people want to know the most efficient way to a lean and healthy body. Many¬†articles in the fitness industry promise they hold the answers. The thing is, nutritional science is something that is still very young in our scientific understanding. How can we promise to know the answers if we don’t have substantial long term data on the topic? Most people know they should at least follow the government food guidelines, like eating fruits, veggies, and lean meats. […]