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03 Oct 2018

Health vs Fitness

I think a horrible thing is happening in social media. We are getting extreme levels of fitness confused with health. I wanted to write this post to clear up this confusion. Health vs fitness, how they are the same thing, how they are different, and the grey area in between. This post is aimed at helping you better understand the difference between these two, so that you can set better goals for you and your lifestyle. Let’s start with health. […]

21 Sep 2018

The Paradigm Shift of Habits

Last winter I met with a friend of mine for coffee. We had gone through yoga teacher training together years prior, and wanted to catch up. He taught me an interesting concept about change. He told me to imagine a skate ramp, or a pendulum of sorts. A pendulum swings side to side, sometimes it is one way, sometimes the other. Same thing with a skater going through a half pipe. This pendulum represents us, and our daily habits. Sometimes […]