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13 Aug 2018

Protocols for Warming Up

Protocols for warming up *Safety note, never forcefully stretch a cold muscle. This can cause serious injury. Purpose of the warm up: The purpose of the warm up is to safely prepare the body for exercise and reduce injury. Not to mention getting you mentally prepared to put in the work. The warm up will always be dependent on the environment and the planned workout. The colder the outside or core body temperature, the more time you should plan to […]

29 Nov 2016

Thankful for my crazy life

It’s 4:15 am and the first chime of my alarm goes off. Snooze 4:45 am and the last allowed snooze has been used up. I know I have to force my eyes open and get moving otherwise I risk falling back asleep and not showing up to train my 6am client. It is a bitter morning in every way. It snowed last night and I stayed up late to shovel the driveway. My dog refuses to go outside to do […]

15 Sep 2016

What my dog taught me about the health industry

I adopted my dog Simba from the shelter earlier this year. He is a Welsh Corgi mixed with a Pit Bull. I joke that he looks like bad Photoshop with his funny little legs and his bobble head. I knew he would be good for me and get me outside in the mountains more, in a better routine, and give me unconditional love. What I didn’t realize is that he would help me be better at my job than any […]